Center for Speech, Language and Learning, Inc., celebrates each individual's spirit and potential. We believe communication and learning are fun and critical elements for healthy, fulfilling lives.  We help clients learn and communicate in their own unique way. We support our clients in their families, relationships, education and employment. 

our mission

We are dedicated to expanding and optimizing the communication, learning, movement and functional skills of our clients.  

We support individuals and families by providing compassionate best practice education and advocacy.

Experienced and Professional

 As licensed professionals we are highly trained in a variety of methods to assess and treat occupational skills development, and speech and language disorders.  Through compassion, education and advocacy our experienced therapy professionals evaluate, assess and create a best practices custom plan of care and support that's right for each child and family.  

therapists Who Care

Care begins with a comprehensive evaluation and plan of care for each client. We are dedicated to enhance and improve communication, movement, learning and functional skills.  We understand the importance of the whole-family connection and we'll recommend helpful effective ways you may support and aid your child's continued development.


Above all, CSLL values a consciousness and responsiveness in tune with each child. This allows us to honor the personal learning process as we address and support each challenge.  

We model respect, meeting each child however he or she is feeling and behaving.  We are discerning and flexible using the child’s experience and interest as a bridge to new learning. 

Our approach to intervention uses evidence-based methods considered best practice in our field. 

Our experienced Occupational and Speech professionals put your child's needs first.  After a comprehensive evaluation of your child's speech and/or physical, functional and developmental needs, we'll create a plan of care and support.   We are proud to provide a high quality level of professional experience, customer service, and commitment to all our clients.  

Our Goal:

Developing awareness of obstacles to learning, support self-regulated learning and foster self-esteem, curiosity, a willingness to experiment and a love of learning.


GET STARTED / Downloads

To schedule an appointment/assessment: 

download, read and complete the paperwork. 

Return the paperwork: 

Email, fax or mail the paperwork and as we receive your paperwork, 

we'll call to schedule a speech/language and/or occupational therapy assessment evaluation. 

Do not hesitate to call for more information.